Low Investment With High Return Business Idea

Many people have an interest in starting their own business in his/her life. Majority of people are never able to convert his/her dream into a reality. The common reason why people not able to initiate a business due to lack of money for making a business investment. Even if they arrange money, they still hesitate, as they do not have a potential business model with fast and regular returns for their investments.

Low Investment With High Return Business Idea

However, there are many business models that do not require huge capital investments and have the efficiency to generate profitable returns for the investment. One of such ideas is to buy an e-rickshaw.


The e-rickshaw come with many advantages to make them a perfect low-cost business investment that can provide timely returns profit. The low purchase cost is accompanied by the low cost of operations. Additionally, they have low maintenance and repair costs, as the electric rickshaw battery does not need regular replacements and does not need any maintained cost. Only you need to charge the battery of e-rickshaw. These vehicles can generate a regular flow of cash profit from day one of commencement. There are many advantages to purchasing an e-rickshaw such as:

Low purchase cost:

The purchase cost of E-rickshaw is very less as compared to other vehicles running on fossil fuels. You can easily buy an e-rickshaw in low investment and after buying you have no investment in it only you need to charge your E-rickshaw in a day.

Low maintenance cost:

There is low maintenance or repair cost for these vehicles. No need to invest a big amount in your E-rickshaw maintenance. Anyone can buy it.

Low running cost:

The operating cost of these vehicles is as low as 40 pauses per km providing scope for high-profit margin. No big investment in the operation of e-rickshaw.

A regular inflow of income:

These vehicles will generate revenue from the day of their commencement as transportation vehicles. Daily you get to profit from e-rickshaw. No any loss from e-rickshaw.

Timely return of investment:

A regular flow of income will cover the investment made on their procurement in a relatively short time.

Availability of loan facility:

There is an availability of loan options to procure e-vehicles. You get easily loan on e-rickshaw. You can pay your loan quickly by earning daily profit from your e-rickshaw.

Potential chance of business growth:

There is an excellent chance to expand the business operation owing to the regular inflow of profits by earning a daily profit.

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